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Hanging the Story on Images: A Video about my Project


As I research, I find myself poring over photographs of this place in ages past – 80 years ago when doorways had porticos that now are just pedastals or 3 months ago when Dad and I walked an old roadbed I had never explored before.

I crave these bits of fact because this project has so few. . . even after hours of research, I can only peg my story to a handful of names and dates. These photos, they give me shape and structure in an amorphous project that feels so tenuous at times.

So today, I want to share those pictures with you. I made this brief video to highlight the project, and I hope you will find these images help you grasp the importance of these people and their legacy, too.

What do images add to story for you?

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Author: Andi

I'm a writer, teacher, and editor who is currently working on a book about the slaves who lived and worked on the farm where I now live. I blog daily at I have three cats - Oscar, Emily and Charlotte - who have taken to living on the farm quite well - bird-, frog-, and butterfly-hunters all.


  1. The images you show are both lovely and haunting. I find in my own research that being able to see – what they wore, how they postured, where they looked during photographing- adds so much more than simply reading about what they wore. And to see the buildings or intersections puts the speed of progress on apparent fast forward.

    • Yeah, I’ve been fascinated by old photographs of places . . I love to see how they change. . . and what I wouldn’t I give to have photos of the people who were enslaved here. . . that would be a true gift.

  2. The images in a story such as you are writing help me “connect” more deeply and emotionally with the information/story presented. I feel that the reader’s understanding can move to whole other level with the addition of images.

    • I completely agree, Donna. . . that’s why I love those sets of photos that are often in the middle of books. . . I find myself poring over those with intense fascination.

  3. The best thing with blogging is that you can reach almost every senses (can not send smells) of the reader. This is really important as music adds something extra to the story too, such as images! Great video!
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    • Thanks, Julie. . . yeah, I love music, and it really does add a level of complexity and understanding about a work. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I am just getting a sense of your project and find it fascinating that it seems there are still some buildings standing. Good video.

    • Thanks, Barbara. . . yeah, we have a lot of buildings still standing. I’m very blessed to be able to live on such a gorgeous, pristine, historical place.

  5. I believe the pictures that you chose for your story work well and helps me to connect to the slaves and the things that they had to go through. I think if possible using objects, pictures or anything that relates to the story is very helpful.


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